What's the difference between a rower and a coxswain?

Rowers use oars to move the boat that they sit in through the water. Coxswains, usually smaller than the rowers in their boat, steer and give commands to their rowers.

What's sweep rowing? And what's sculling?

At the University of Chicago, our competitive team does sweep rowing. This means we field boats that require each rower to use one oar (one oar held in both hands). Sculling, on the other hand, involves each rower using two oars (one oar held in each hand).

What time commitment does crew entail?

We are a competitive athletic program. We practice 6 days a week, during the mornings so that they do not conflict with most schedules. Each practice is 2 hours long. Beyond practices, we compete almost every weekend until 5th week. Members that make the cut to be in the top boat(s) for our championship regattas will have additional time commitments for the Spring season only. Members are also required to fundraise and attend boat trailerings regularly. However, there is much flexibility for these additional requirements to accomodate for people's academic and personal lives.

How much does crew cost? Can I afford it?

Specific dues information is provided at our Recruitment Meetings. The sport of rowing demands many costs, and membership dues are an important source of revenue for our program. However, we fundraise very effectively. Many members use the fundraising options we provide as a means of helping them pay their crew dues. We also work with members in the event that finances become an issue for them. Money should never be a reason to not do crew. We do everything we can to make rowing accessible and enjoyable for our members.

Does crew interfere with academics or personal life?

We ask our rowers to be committed to our team and sport. Rowing requires daily training and sacrifice. While it is not easy balancing academics, having a personal life, and being an athlete, it is always possible to manage your different activites successfully. Rowers and coxswains are excellent students. Many, if not all, members are involved in other RSOs, groups, jobs, or committments outside of crew. We are filled with Physics majors, Fundamentals majors, Economics majors, History majors, and Pre-meds. Crew, like any committment, must be balanced with other committments, but it is not, and should not be, overbearing.