As a student-run club, the University of Chicago Crew oversees and organizes all aspects of the team, including but not limited to transportation planning, regatta entries, hiring coaches, purchasing boats, recruitment, and equipment management. Elections for board positions are held every fall, and board meetings are held weekly at 7:30 PM on Sunday, beginning January 10th. All members are welcome to attend our board meetings to get involved and to learn more about the behind-the-scenes work required to run a competitive crew team.


Nicholas Gonzales

The President oversees the board and provides direction for our organization as a whole. As the main representative of the team both internally and externally, the President is responsible for all members and actions associated with UChicago Crew, presiding most importantly over large decisions and long-term plans. The overall functioning and ultimate success of our team are the President's main objectives.

Nick is a second-year philosophy majoróand prospective music minorófrom Freeport, Michigan. He joined the University of Chicago Crew Team during his first-year orientation, previously having golfed for his high school in Middleville, Michigan. Elected team Secretary shortly into his first year, Nick quickly became deeply invested in the team and the sport. From June to October 2016 Nick worked for the Lincoln Park Boat Club as the Director of the Chicago River Marathon, in which he rowed in the Menís 8+ that set a new course record of 2:59:14. Interests aside from rowing include golf, classical and jazz music, fountain pens, and going for walks.

Vice Presidents

External: Kate Blankinship & Stuart Mcdonald

The External Vice President is responsible for transportation to and from competitions, as well as making race entries, ensuring housing, and securing trailering. The VP must be hard-working, organized, and capable of coordinating very stressful situations. When the President is unable to fulfill his or her duties, the VPs take charge.

Stu is a second year studying neuroscience on the premed track. He joined the team his first year and became CO external Vice President in 2017. Last year he interned with the Human Behavioral Pharmacology Lab, worked with Lincoln Park Boat Club, and got more sleep than he does now. Originally from Vail, Colorado, Stu grew up spending time outside, yet no one could get him to do an actual sport. Instead he competed in speech and debate for three years in high school. He enjoys rowing in warm weather, spending time with his friends, and sunny days.

Internal: Maddie Quam

The Internal Vice President is responsible for transportation to and from practices. The VP must be hard-working, organized, and capable of coordinating very stressful situations. When the President is unable to fulfill his or her duties, the VPs take charge.


Ashwin Rao

The Treasurer is in charge of all things financial for our program. Commanding a nearly $100,000 annual budget, the Treasurer oversees all payments and purchases, maintains records of all financial transactions, leads collection of dues, and manages applications for University funding. The Treasurer provides projected budgets for the board and offers perspective on all club expenditures.

Ashwin is a first-year studying Economics from Holmdel, New Jersey. He joined the team in Fall of 2015 and currently serves as Treasurer. On campus, he is a member of the student-run investing club, The Blue Chips, and lives in Keller House. Off the water, his interests include coffee, dogs, foreign policy, and pizza.


Scott Wang

The Secretary is responsible for the fluidity and accuracy of the internal functioning of the team. The Secretary keeps an accurate account of board and team activities, continuously informing both groups of important dates, events, and news. The secretary also maintains the roster and manages the use of our listhosts.

Fundraising Chair

Amelia Pedone

The Fundraising Chair oversees all projects and campaigns aimed at raising money for the team. Creative and thorough, the Fundraising Chair must coordinate fundraising opportunities for all rowers and coxswains, as well as organize major fundraising events like our annual Erg-a-Thon. It is the Fundraising Chairís duty to ensure that all members of the team meet their fundraising requirement, and that we as a team reach our fundraising goals.

Amelia is a second-year planning to major in Economics with a minor in Philosophy. She is originally from Hingham, Massachusetts. During high-school, Amelia danced in Boston Balletís Pre-Professional Program, and she is now a coxswain for the team. Last year, Amelia was a research assistant for a decision-making lab at the Harvard Kennedy School. Outside of crew, she is a member of Campus Catalyst, a pro-bono consulting club, and Women in Business. She also enjoys sailing, skiing, and brunch.

Equipment Managers

David Lax & August Culbert

The Equipment Manager handles all transactions dealing with indoor and outdoor rowing equipment used by UChicago Crew. Overseeing repairs, parts orders, and the regular maintenance of our equipment, the Equipment Manager works with the Board, Coaches, and outside groups to carry-out his or her duties. The Equipment Manager also maintains relevant records and guidelines for equipment use.

August is a first-year rower from New York taking a lot of core classes. Although he doesn't really know what he wants to major in, he's considering Sociology, Psychology, CHDV, or Maths. When he's not messing around in Harper Library, he sings with Chicago Men's A Capella, and is an active member of the first-year leadership development cohort Seeds of Justice. August also works at Jumpstart, a pre-school teaching program. His interests include milk, piano, shooting three pointers and yelling "CURRY!!," being awkward, laughing a lot, and engaging in social change activities.

Parent/Alumni Liaison

Kate Hodge

The Parent/Alumni Chair is the main point-person for parents and alumni, keeping them updated on the status of the team, including schedules, competition results, and upcoming events. The Parent/Alumni Chair is in charge of our quarterly newsletter, organizing the Alumni Row and BBQ, and leads our Non-Undergraduate rowing program.

Media Chair

Benjamin Lyo & Talia Friedland

The Meadia Chair is responsible for maintaining records of any past or current University of Chicago Crew events or races.

Benjamin started rowing in 2009 at Eton College and competed in races such as the Schoolís Head of the River and National Schools Regatta before joining UChicago Crew in the Fall of 2014. He also joined the Executive Board that year and served as Internal Vice President. He is a physics major but is also strongly interested in philosophy and history. In addition to rowing, he loves playing the violin, and currently works in a Biophysics lab at the Gordon Center for Integrative Science that studies forms of aquatic life other than rowers.


Women's Captain: Rileigh Luczak & Laura Rossi

Men's Captain: Andrew Xue

The Captains are the leaders of their respective squads, overseeing the personal and athletic components of our organization and setting an example for their rowers and coxswains to follow. As liaison between the Board, Coaches, and individual members, the Captains are aware of and help decide practices and bonding events. The Captains are an integral component of our teamís overall functioning; for they maintain our crewís ethos and guide us to success!

Rileigh Luczak is a third year math major minoring in the history of science. She joined the team her first week at UChicago and hasn't looked back since! Outside of crew, Rileigh is a member of both University Theater, Dean's Men, and Le Vorris & Vox Circus - performing arts groups on campus. She works at UChicago STEM Education and hopes to go into math education research in the future.

Andrew is a math major with a specialization in economics. He joined the University of Chicago Crew his first year after being a recreational cyclist in high school. Over the summers he has rowed for Capital Rowing Club and the Northern Virginia Rowing Club where he coxed at USRowing Master's Nationals. On campus he works as a research assistant at the Booth school. He also has carries huge likings to the film works of Miyazaki, Takahata, and Shinkai.